Martin Giese

Theoretical neuroscience, movement and social perception, modeling / analysis of body movement and biomedical appplications

Sabine Ludwigs

Intelligent polymers, functional polymer materials, soft material robotics, mixed conductivity, organic electronics

Syn Schmitt

Biomechanics, biorobotics, neuro-musculoskeletal modelling, assistive devices, learning


Frank Allgöwer

Nonlinear control, networked control, predictive control, data-based control, process control, mechatronics, biomedical technology, nanotechnology, systems biology

Jens Anders

Microelectronics, sensor interface electronics, quantum sensing, biomedical sensors, nonlinear system dynamics, hybrid microintegration

Thomas Bauernhansl

Personalized production, complexity in production, IoT for industries, production strategies, biological transformation of value creation

Alia Benali

Brain stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, myelination of neurons, plasticity and nanoparticle based brain stimulatio

Oliver Bringmann

In-body devices and implants, ultra-low power electronics, biomedical sensors and actuators

Andreas Bulling

Human-computer interaction, computer vision, intelligent user interfaces, eye tracking, collaborative intelligence

Peter Dayan

Theoretical neuroscience, computational psychiatry

Thomas Euler

Visual neuroscience, retinal signal processing in health and disease,  multiphoton imaging

Andreas Fallgatter

Functional brain imaging (NIRS, EEG and fMRI), non-invasive brain stimulation (rTMS, tDCS), neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and psychotherapy

Pascal Fries

Systems neuroscience, brain rhythms and their role for perception, attention, learning and memory

Alireza Gharabaghi

Neuromodulation, neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation, neuroprosthetics, neurorobotics, neurorehabilitation

Harald Giessen

Active metasurfaces, ultrafast nano-optics, augmented/virtual reality, dynamic holography, electrical polymer microoptics

Ziad Hafed

Systems neuroscience, active perception, eye movements, eye tracking, attention, brain stimulation

Daniel Häufle

Neuromechanics and rehabilitation robotics
Multi-level modeling in motor control and rehabilitation robotics

Tobias Hauser

Computational psychiatry, decision neuroscience, reinforcement learning, neuroimaging, development

Winfried Ilg

Quantitative movement analysis in neurological and psychiatric disorders, multi-modal sensor interpretation in patients’ real life by using, machine learning, intelligent assistance systems

Christoph Keplinger

Artificial muscles, soft robotics, robotic materials, functional polymers, energy capture

Cordula Kropp

Science and technology studies (STS), human-nonhuman-assemblages, shared agency, technology assessment (TA)

Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Haptics, human-robot interaction, surgical robotics, tactile sensing

Esther Kühn

Human neuroimaging, ultra-high field imaging (7T, 9.4T MRI), sensorimotor circuit modelling in health and disease

Anna Levina

Computational neuroscience, neural dynamics, optimal computations, criticality, synaptic plasticity

Laura Na Liu

Nanophotonics, DNA nanotechnology, synthetics systems

Wulf Loh

Ethics of digital technologies, AI ethics, ethics of human-machine-interaction, robot rthics, media and information ethics, privacy

Georg Martius

Reinforcement learning, robotics, machine learning, musculoskeletal control, haptics

Ivana Nikić-Spiegel

Cellular and molecular neuroscience, chemical and synthetic biology, protein engineering, microscopy

Aniket Pal

Soft robotics, mechanical metamaterials, active soft materials, mechanical instabilities

David Remy

Design, simulation and control of legged robots, exoskeletons, and other nonlinear systems

Tobias Renner

Digitally enhanced psychotherapy in children and adolescents, multimodal sensors in real-life diagnostics and therapy, neurobiology of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents

Alina Roitberg

Human activity recognition, assistive computer vision, autonomous systems

Philipp Rothemund

Continuum mechanics, soft robotics, multiphysics phenomena, embodied

Klaus Scheffler

High-field and ultra-low field magnetic resonance technology,
RF technology, brain physiology

Katja Schenke-Layland

Extracellular matrix, pluripotent stem cells, human development organ cultures, human-based in vitro test systems, marker-independent imaging

Dieter Schmalstieg

Augmented and virtual reality, computer graphics

Urs Schneider

Biomechatronics, medical device research, prosthetics & orthotics, human machine interaction, exoskeletons

Cornelius Schwarz

Systems neuroscience, brain stimulation, sensorimotor and motor system, multisite neuronal interrogation

Oliver Schwarz

Bionic actuators, biocompatible, biogene and biodegradable materials, prosthetics & orthotics, biointelligent production

Michael Sedlmair

Human-computer interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, visualization, visual analytics

Tobias Siebert

Muscle physiology, muscle modelling, biomechanics, motion analysis, kinesiology

Markus Siegel

Neural dynamics and interactions, cognition and behavior, neurophysiology, MEG/EEG, MMG/EMG

Metin Sitti

Physical intelligence, small-scale robotics, wireless medical milli/microrobots, bioinspired materials and robots, wireless neural stimulation

Thomas Speck

Statistical physics, active matter, and small-scale robotics

Holger Steeb

My research interest are focused on (multi-)functional soft materials, on (in-situ) characterization of their functional properties and their mechanical behavior…

Benjamin Steinhilber

Work physiology, ergonomics, occupational physical exposures, exoskeleton

Matthis Synofzik

Digital and molecular stratification, progression and treatment response markers for neurodegenerative diseases, upper and lower limb digital motor outcomes for neurological disease, innovative… 

Ghazaleh Tabatabai

Neuro-oncology, cellular and molecular neuroscience, cellular interactions, preclinical glioma models, early phase clinical trials


Daniel Weiss

Parkinson’s disease, gait, deep brain stimulation, neuronal time series, basal ganglia – cortical – spinal circuits

Maria Wirzberger

Human-machine interaction, cognitive psychology, user modeling, user-centered design, intelligent systems, critical reflection

Jörg Wrachtrup

Quantum sensors, signal processing, neuromagnetism and exoskeleton control

Andreas Zell

Deep learning, autonomous mobile robots, robot vision, unmanned aerial vehicles, event based vision, applications of robotics and machine learning

Ulf Ziemann

Non-invasive brain stimulation, closed-loop stimulation, human motor cortex, plasticity, stroke rehabilitation